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    Tuf 570X WiFi Motherboard Boot Problem Solved

    Not long ago I built my PC using the ASUS Tuf 570X WiFi motherboard.
    My systems runs great, but I had an occasional problem.

    About every 10th boot my rig wouldn't boot.
    It would stall without getting the ASUS Splash screen.

    What I found it was a problem with Fast Boot in the Bios.
    I turned off Fast Boot and the problem went away.

    Fast Boot didn't allow enough time for my Monitor and PC to Handshake.

    I just wanted to share this incase somebody else is having a similar problem.
    Try turning off Fast Boot in the Bios.


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    I have an X570-E Gaming board and my problem is it will randomly get the A9 code on startup and I have to restart the computer like 5 times before it will post, I will try what you have suggested. I am using two HDMI cables on my 3080 as one is going to my receiver for sound only and I'm thinking this is an HDMI issue.

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