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    G73JW 3 RMA's... please give me some advise!!!

    Hello everyone I just joined the site to find out what I can do about my G73JW laptop.

    I love gaming and the portability of a laptop. I am in the USAF and deploy quite a lot with my career field so a reliable laptop is a must have to keep me in touch with family and friends.

    I paid 1600.00 for the laptop back in October of 2010. It has been working fine up until about 4 months ago. I got the blue screen of death and when I tried to restore the system it would go in a loop. Bottom line is that it would not let me restore my computer at all, whether I used the reboot DVDs or used the F9 key. Here is what followed:

    RMA #1 - laptop returned and fixed. Hard Drive replaced. Me = Happy Customer.

    It came back factory restored and I updated as necessary.

    5 Days later the same problem happens so I call up Asus and ask to speak with a customer service supervisor. I asked him if Asus would replace the laptop since the same exact problem happened again and replacing the hard drive didn’t work. He guaranteed me that I would receive a working laptop and that it’s up to the Service Repair Center to determine whether or not the laptop needs to be replaced.

    RMA #2 – laptop returned and fixed. Hard Drive replaced. Me = not to happy since the hard drive replacement wasn’t the fix the first time.

    So now I’m just waiting for the problem to happen again. Sure enough it happens again 6 days later. I called up Asus telling them that I no longer want this laptop, I want a replacement. They told me they would hold the laptop longer to spend more time doing extensive trouble shooting to see what the problem is.

    RMA #3 – laptop returned and fixed. Once again only the hard drive is replaced. Also waiting for the problem to happen again.

    What Can I do to make sure the error won’t happen again? Any updates that I can do that WONT void the warranty? I just want a working laptop for when I deploy in about 2 weeks.

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    If the error occurs again, I would say it is a RAM problem. I used to have BSODs (Sometimes with info, sometimes just blue and no info) with looping sound. I played around with the RAM sticks, and found which one was faulty. No more BSODs now (Not my G73, but an old Asus). The service centers were unable to pickup the faulty RAM and sent it back with the problems still existing. Do a memtest, although the faulty RAM for mine wasn't able to be noticed (According to ASUS technician, who said that he did a memtest on the warranty paper).

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