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    Bad XMP II JuJu with ASUS MAXIMUS XI HERO BIOS 2004 and g.Skill RAM

    I am running this board with the 9900-K i9. With slower RAM everything worked fine.

    After up grading to F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR, Trident Z RGB
    DDR4-4266MHz CL17-18-18-38 1.45V
    32GB (4x8GB)

    I have all kinds of problems. What I did after installing the RAM is I cleared BIOS then rebooted, loading optimized defaults, rebooting again, then choosing XMP II. The BIOS correctly recognized the 4273 speed and loaded 4266 also down lower in the BIOS settings. The system crashes, some programs launch then die, etc. I just can't get things to work. This memory is on the QVL so everything should work fine.

    Thanks for any tips, CJ

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    Hi cmlistz,

    Welcome to the ROG forum !

    Going higher speed puts more strain on the cpu's IMC and I suspect this is the issue. You may get better results setting your ram manually and raising a few voltages.

    I'd try resetting to defaults (F5)

    Dram Frequency - 4266MHz
    Dram Voltage - 1.45v - up to 1.50v is safe
    CPU VCCIO Voltage 1.25v - 1.30v
    CPU System Agent Voltage - 1.25v - 1.30v

    Tweakers Paradise: DMI Voltage 1.25v - 1.30v

    Dram Timing Control:

    Set primary timings of your ram kit with a command rate of 2N or 2T

    Should look like this as the middle two are tied together.


    F10 and Enter, cross our fingers it boots.

    Does this make things any better?

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