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    Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmost for upcoming RoG laptops?

    Is it possible to include these features for next RoG laptops?

    Xiaomi Tablet already included it in their tablet at reasonable price, why can't Asus?

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    Cant get Dolby Atmos on a laptop. It takes some doing and a lot of $$ to do it on a home entertainment system. The atmos is adding additional height channels and does absolutely nothing if the track isnt recorded with Atmos. Anything but is a marketing gimmick. I have it on my home entertainment with 9 channels and 2 subs. Cant do it on two speakers. If they are advertising it then its all marketing guff. It also takes ARC or eARC to accomplish which is a seperate HDMI for audio only and only on 4K or higher movies and not all of them. Some are just 5.1
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