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    Asus Rog Rampage V Extreme 5.1 Surround sound "Help Support"

    I am having problems with 5.1 surround sound with my newly acquired logitech z5500 surround sound set motherboard listed above . Let me explain the issues i'm encountering .

    So even within the software when i do a 5.1 test it fails to make sound in the rear right speaker in 6 ch. Direct mode . When i do a surround sound test on youtube it fails to produce sound on the 2 rear speakers during the test and just replicates the sound on the 2 front speakers . I do a 5.1 test in windows it also fails to produce sound in the rear right speaker and does the rear front instead. I have tried all different settings i can find but seems like something is screwy. I removed and reinstalled my audio driver via asus website.

    This may require some repair on the development end of things, but someone else would need to test this . I have the latest bios version 3701.

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