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    ROG KERIS WIRELESS Firmware update issue.

    ROG KERIS WIRELESS Firmware update doesn't work.
    OS: Windows 10 x64
    Armoury crate:
    MY Firmware; 11.11.12
    Amoury Crate shows me a new Firmware v.11.31.15 date: 5/31/2021
    If I click 'Update' button two pop up introduction come out. Yes I know how this works.
    Then nothing happens. It doesn't update firmware. I can't even see the firmware update process.

    I did
    1. reinstall Amoury crate.
    2. reset a mouse.
    3. connect wired and wireless mode.
    4. tried with other PCs but same result.

    I know this mouse is a trash.
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