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    Please add to BIOS menu:

    "Save settings and shut down"

    There are so many time I just want to save BIOS settings and shut down the PC..
    Why is there no option to do so?

    One example is every time i change V/F curves settings voltages on the Z690 Extreme it does not apply on reboot..

    I need to shut down the PC completely after BIOS setting for V/F curves voltages to apply..

    I just waste so much time rebooting, then trying to shut down the PC again just to apply BIOS settings..

    i don't understand why such a feature is not present on the Z690 Extreme..
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    xeromist PC Specs
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    Sound CardSound Blaster Z
    MonitorAORUS FV43U
    Storage #1Samsung 970 Pro 512GB
    CPU CoolerCustom loop
    CaseBeQuiet Dark Base Pro 900 V2
    Power SupplyCorsair HX1000
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    All, just a reminder that this thread is for feature suggestions. Problem reports are handled through ASUS Support and will be deleted from this thread as off-topic. Thank you.
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    PCH fan controler

    Please add a BIOS option to control the PCH fan speed (as the others fans).
    Or a way to do this with AI Fan controler.
    The PCH fan is a little bit too noisy and I don't want to use some "tweaked BIOS"...

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    my 2c:

    1. At least one more fan curve point for better control over fan speed
    2. thermistor input should be on all motherboards with overclocking capabilities, especially now that water cooling is becoming a necessity.
    3. Better BIOS documentation (especially when meaning of auto changes from version to version), warning if bios update cannot be reverted

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    IT Troll PC Specs
    MotherboardASUS ROG Strix Z690-G
    ProcessorIntel Core i7-13700K
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    Graphics Card #1Nvidia RTX 3090 FE
    MonitorLG 32UD99-W 4K HDR
    Storage #1NVMe: Samsung 980 PRO 500GB + 1TB + 2TB
    Storage #2SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 4TB, Crucial MX500 2TB
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    1. PCH - Better chipset cooling, don't clad it in plastic and RGB. 100°C is not OK.
    2. Realtek USB Audio - Allow Spatial audio to be used on rear analogue output.
    3. Front Panel Connections - Use a right angle connector for USB. Asus Q Connector should be supplied with all motherboards.

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    I own a Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme and I have a few things to say that could be better in future products.

    1: Audio:
    I miss the easy equalizer settings Realtek had with older boards e.g "powerful" mode with ALC892 from Asus Sabertooth X79.
    The current equalizer presets available in Sonic Suite are not sounding as good requiring manual tweaking.

    2: Internal USB 2.0 headers:
    It is a shame that even boards like the Rampage V Extreme X99 only had 1 header and this board has two.
    One watercooler may already require two headers on it's own and you may require extra for case RGB control and such.

    So maybe create a ROG branded USB 2.0 hub that is an accessoire coming with the motherboard.
    I had to buy NZXT Internal USB 2.0 hub to get around this issue because of Corsair H170i requiring two (with own Y-splitter to use one) and one for Corsair link and case RGB control attached to NZXT hub.

    I understand due to space limitations and newer generation USB connections it's not possible to fit onboard but please attempt to give alternative ways of connectivity for these type of devices.

    3: SATA-connectivity:
    I'd like to see atleast 8 SATA-ports like older boards used to have, going back to 6-SATA ports is a downgrade compared to Asus Sabertooth X79.
    There is still people out there that enjoy having a lot of storage internally and not necessarily M.2.
    Now only Pro-ART series has enough ports.

    4: The ROG DIMM.2 and M.2 connectivity:
    To counter limited SATA-ports to expand it with M.2 PCI-E to SATA-600 adapter it was attempted to fit in ROG DIMM.M2
    Unfortunately plastic covers of the motherboard are blocking the SATA-connectors on adapter so it won't fit.

    Maybe in future products this could be thought of to have M.2 cards positioned higher inside the ROG DIMM.2 to avoid possible blocking of non-SSD components.
    This also counts for onboard M.2 slots at PCI-E slots, these connectors do not allow connecting because onboard connector is positioned in such a way SATA-ports must point down the board.
    This limits the flexibility of using these M.2 ports.

    5: Onboard GPU connectivity:
    Give atleast two connectors with a choice between either DisplayPort or HDMI, this board only has one HDMI but no displayport.

    6: Rear I/O connectivity
    Aside of analog-audio having LED illumination, maybe all ports could be outlined/illuminated in their respective port colours or ROG colour scheme.

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    PauloPanda PC Specs
    MotherboardASUS Z690-E Gaming WIFI
    Memory (part number)Corsair CMK32GX5M2B5600C36 x 4 pieces
    Graphics Card #1RTX3070TI
    Sound CardCreative Katana V2
    MonitorSamsung 32" UH850 UHD Monitor (4K)
    Storage #1Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB
    Storage #2Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB
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    Power SupplySeasonic Prime TX-850W
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    OS Windows 11
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    My proposed enhancements...

    1. Provide proper heat sink for the PCH chipset. Nothing bothers me than seeing my CPU at 40+C and the PCH at 60+C.
    2. Provide a small LCD screen to show key motherboard status such as POST status while booting, CPU, GPU temperature, etc. that users can install at the front of the casing. Best if this can be done without installing additional software (i.e., draw the data directly from BIOS or Windows)
    3. Move all NVME drives from the motherboard to a PCIE interface card to allow easy replacement and upgrade (e.g., able to move the card to a new motherboard when upgrading instead of needing to remove and reinstall the drives one by one). The PCIE interface card should be able to support six to eight slots for NVME drives. If this can be done, it would be timely to reduce to two or one SATA ports and re-direct all the bandwidth to the PCIE.

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    close proximity of M.2 Slot next to GPU and PCH heat sink. On Z790 Hero. The large PCH heat sink make it unable to install active cooling heatsink for M.2. Not only that. M.2 are right next to GPU, which doesnt help with cooling.

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