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    Also, prices. I'm asking to make features standard on today's Prime/Strix/TUF boards that are $200-$350 that were standard on yesterday's $300 Maximus boards from a few years ago. As everyone knows, economy worldwide isn't great. Inflation has risen faster than wages, pandemic, etc and so on. There's still plenty of features to leave exclusive to Maximus, but these (PCIE eject button, LED code display, CMOS reset button, BIOS flashback) are kind of critical to basic use and overclocking which is what Z series chipset is for (or even B/H chipsets if you're overclocking memory).

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    Z690I Gaming Wifi. Stacked M2 slots and the sata card are the worst idea ever. Terrible cooler compatibility because of the height. The M2 stack is having so many problems for many people, it should be recalled and replaced with a correct working design. This board costs $650 AUD is my area has no backplate like all the other ITX boards out there. The build quality is also really bad with this board.

    Needs reinforced 24pin/usb3/memory slots (you do the 8pin but not the 24 weird)
    A backplate like all the other ITX boards on the market.
    Go back to the old layout with no stacked or raised cards. m2_2 on the rear.
    Reduce the cost, Your parts cost too much for what you get.
    The promotion photos of this board also show that in the m.2 stack and the IO cover are a color logo (by rgb lighting or print-green/red/yellow/white) but is not the case. its more a mirror and white logo. Looks nothing like the promotion image. Even with a case with RGB lighting right next to it. Just has a mirror effect.
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    Hopper64 PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus MZ790E Bios 0813
    Processori9 13900KS
    Memory (part number)F5-7600J3646G16GX2-TZ5RK
    Graphics Card #1Asus 4090 Strix
    Sound CardCreative SB X4
    MonitorAsus ROG XG349C
    Storage #1Samsung 990 Pro
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    CasePhanteks Enthoo Elite
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1600i
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    My new z690EG has no way to swap bios versions except by using the button on the motherboard itself. There’s no way to change bios chips via the bios which needs to be implemented again and standard for all ROG boards. With my vertical gpu mount in place, I can’t get to the switch to change bios chips.

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    Adrian1983 PC Specs
    MotherboardRog Strix Z690 Gaming A
    ProcessorI9 12900K
    Memory (part number)BL2K16G36C16U4B @3800Mhz x2
    Graphics Card #1Inno3d Ichill X3 RTX 4090
    Sound CardHdmi
    MonitorLG Oled C1 55"
    Storage #1Samsung 980 Pro x2
    Storage #2Samsung 970 Evo Plus x2
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    CaseLian Li O11 Dynamic XL
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    For the love of GOD why is there still no option in the bios to disable M2 NVME Drives? Please forward this as I have the Strix Z690 Gaming A with 4 M2 Slot and I have them all filled I then proceeded to try and install Windows 11 and it will not allow me to install Windows 11 with multiple SSD's/NVME's attached I had to remove every single M2 Drive from the motherboard and pull of the thermal material from my brand new 980 Pro's.

    Do the BIOS team know how much a pain in the ass this is? This is not a new issue it has been going on since M2 and SSD drives existed and the issue of trying to install a clean OS to one of these drives, Why is it so difficult to implement a bios switch to completely disable SSD's and M22 drives?

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    restsugavan PC Specs
    ProcessorIntel Core i9 7980XE 2.60GHz
    Memory (part number)64GB GSKILL 3.2 GHz 16-16-18-36 2T
    Graphics Card #1ASUS ROG POSEIDON 1080Ti
    MonitorSAMSUNG ODESSEY G9 Firmware 1016.0
    Storage #1SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS 1TB x 3
    Storage #2WD 4TB External HDD
    CPU CoolerNZXT KRAKEN 62
    CaseCorsair Carbine 540
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1200i
    Keyboard Microsoft
    Mouse Microsoft
    Mouse Pad ASUS
    Headset/Speakers Sony
    OS Windows 11 Insider Preview 25284.1000
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    Lightbulb For motherboard design improvement purpose.

    Sorry may incorrect forum but there are something ASUS must be urgently fixing all motherboards.

    1. ROG DIMM.2 were useless on next Intel 600/700 Series chipset especially ADL-X / SPR -AP.
    Could ASUS redesign NVME SSDs PCIE 4.0/5.0 seat like Gigabyte or Asrocks ?
    It will better to replace ROG DIMM.2 slot with more DDR5 slots. The place of ROG DIMM.2 bring more heat
    when system running. If you running 24/7 the place of ROG DIMM.2 may reduce lifespan of your NVME SSD.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BADDESIGN.jpg 
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Size:	311.6 KB 
ID:	92743

    Click image for larger version. 

Views:	4 
Size:	372.0 KB 
ID:	92744

    ROG DIMM.2 position from picture above when system running.
    Both DIMM.1 and DIMM.2 NVME SSDs were very hot!
    ( Would you please see underline drives )
    It may reduce lifespan of both NVME SSDs.

    2. First and Third PCI E x 16 Slot must be far from motherboard logo and buttom of the board for support 4 Slot card such as
    RTX 3090Ti / ADA LOVER / HOPPER RTX / AMD RDNA 3 79XTX / Intel Arc 900 Series etc. GPU TDP may go beyond 600W under
    Intel ATX 3.0 standard.

    3. Redesign VRM heat spreader for Cover ADL-X (16-24 C) / SPR - AP (26-36C ) up to 270 - 350 W TDP.

    and the last

    " Please do not place CMOS battery just like ASUS RAMPAGE VI Extreme again. It was very terrible and ugly design.
    So sad for users whom choose custom loop setup. They'll need to re-build their system for changing CMOS battery only!

    OMG! Who was the R6E design ? "

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    Microsoft Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25284.1000 Intel Core i9 7980XE 2.6 GHz 020006E05 Microcode ASUS RAMPAGE VI EXTREME MODDED BIOS 3701 SAMSUNG ODESSEY G9 FIRMWARE 1017.0 NVIDIA RTX 4090 24GB GDDR6X 256GB GSKILL DDR4 16-18-18-36 3200MHz SAMSUNG EVO 970 PLUS 1 TB x 3 HARMAN JBL 9.1 Sound Bar DOLBY ATMOS 9.1

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    I think it would be really great if you guys could add CPU package temperature as a temperature source for chassis fan curves. Currently, the closest thing is the CPU temperature but that is always much lower (10-20C) than the CPU package. This can easily cause overheating on very expensive water cooling systems where the fan curves are very aggressive. The only other option is to resort to third party fan control software which is really unfortunate when you pay for a $1000 motherboard.

    From a naive POV this seems like a really good bang-for-your-buck feature and shouldn't be too hard to implement (?).

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    JohnAb PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)HP 430 G5
    MotherboardASUS Maximus Z690 Hero
    Memory (part number)2x 16GB CMK32GX5M2B5200C40
    Graphics Card #1ASUS RTX 3090 TI 24GB TUF GAMING OC - TUF-RTX3090TI-O24G-GAMING
    Monitor28" Samsung 4K & 32" Samsung 4K
    Storage #13x NVME Drives on Motherboard
    Storage #22x SATA HDD, 2x SATA SSD
    CPU CoolerCorsair iCUE H150i ELITE LCD Display 360mm RGB Liquid CPU Cooler
    CaseCorsair 7000X RGB Black Full Tower
    Power SupplyCorsair RM1000x
    Keyboard SteelSeries Apex Pro
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    Turn off NVME Drives

    Apologies if this has been suggested already, but being able to disable M.2 NVME drives in BIOS would be super helpful. If I install Linux to another drive (even when I set modify boot partition on that drive only) I inevitably find that the Windows EFI bootloader has also been modified. It can be fixed, but so frustrating. If we could disable drives while doing things like that, it would be great. Come on ASUS tech guys, we'd love it if you did this. Could it just be a BIOS update? Even better.

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    Graphics Card #1ROG Strix RTX3090Ti
    Sound CardSound Blaster Z
    MonitorAORUS FV43U
    Storage #1Samsung 970 Pro 512GB
    CPU CoolerCustom loop
    CaseBeQuiet Dark Base Pro 900 V2
    Power SupplyCorsair HX1000
    Keyboard ROG Strix Flare II Animate
    Mouse ROG Chakram X
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    Mouse Pad ROG Scabbard
    Headset/Speakers Logitech z906 5.1
    Network RouterpfSense/OPNsense
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    Some posts removed. Please stay on the topic of feature suggestions. Thank you.
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    The best thing ASUS can do is start by keeping their dependencies(software) up-to-date. This includes drivers etc.
    For the past twenty years that I've used their hardware they have had this bad practice and it leads to instability (especially when OEMs modify the code bases provided by Intel/AMD).
    Setting up some proper CI/CD and keeping everything up-to-date would be a clear win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raad11 View Post
    Also please make PCIE card eject button standard on everything.

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