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    Question Asus Strix Z690-A WIFI D4 - Is Intel Optane Memory M10 supported?

    Hello everyone,

    As already described in the title, I would like to know if Strix Z690-A supports Intel Optane Memory M10.

    I'm deciding what Z690 board I want to buy for my next build, and I will re-use my M10 drive plus a 4TB 7200rpm HDD.
    I have already checked the motherboard specs, but there is only mention to H10 drive support (which is an SSD + cache drive).
    Teoretically, Z690 chipset should support Intel Optane Memory, but according to Intel, motherboard manufacturer has also to include the relevant microcode in the BIOS.

    Can anyone confirm/test (if you have an Optane M10) if the drive is working with this motherboard?

    Thank you!

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