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    Zenith II Extreme Alpha AMD Chipset Drivers, Phison Based NVMe Drrives Dimm.2 Issues

    Well where to begin.

    Running a 3970X on a ZIIEA with 128GB Of CL3200 Samsung Bdie Gskill CL14 memory on W11. So anyone have any idea's or what's going on I'll begin to describe the behaviors.

    1. If I use a Phison Based NVME drive (Corsair Mp600,Seagate FireCuda 530 etc) The Dimm.2 Second slot will go haywire at times and the drive will dissapear randomly if I turn the PC Off and on. I won't be able to boot etc bios will hang with errors If I remove the Dimm.2 clears the issue. It can work fine for a long time then just decide to act up. However if I use example a 980 Pro or a WDSN850 I'll never have this issue. This dissapearing drive issue was going on before in the bios but it seems to have been fixed but not entirely.

    2. Installing the Chipset drives from AMD works no problem I reboot everything is fine. If I benchmark the SSD when windows starts the speeds are normal, 5-10 min later example a 6.5GBRead/5100 Write on a SN850 will tank to 2K/1K. It never recovers unless I reboot the PC and will work fine for the first few min then tank. However if I uninstall the AMD chipset drivers no issues works fine !

    3. But a new problem of Random Sound cutting in/out (I'm using an AE9 card now occures..)

    So anyone have any idea's on what's going on?

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