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    Rampage VI extreme doesn't respect "ignore cpu fan speed lower limit"

    Hi there,

    Regarding a ROG Rampage VI Extreme motherboard...

    I've got a water cooled setup so nothing is plugged into the cpu fan header.

    This worked fine for months until I updated to the latest bios. Since then on boot it complains that "CPU fan speed error detected".

    I've gone to monitoring > q-fan configuration and set the CPU fan control "cpu fan speed lower limit" to "Ignore".

    However this doesn't help - I still can't boot and get the same issue.

    I also tried setting CPU q-fan control from auto to disabled. This also didn't help.

    Note that if I plug in a fan it does let me boot.

    So it seems my bios are ignoring my choice to ignore cpu fan speed lower limit...

    How can this be fixed?

    Many thanks!

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