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    Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 fan and pump info in LCD screen?

    So, I just got a new system with an Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 AIO.

    With this AIO it seems like fan and pump RPMs are monitored and set via the ASUS controller and its USB 2.0 cable that connects to the motherboard (i.e.; the fans are NOT connected to fan headers on the motherboard). I can see info on fan and pump RPMs on the AIO device page of Armory Crate but, this being a proprietary system because of not using the motherboard's fan and pump headers, this information does not seem to be made available to 3rd party monitoring software like AIDA64.

    In Armory Crate I can set the AIO LCD to display hardware info (such as CPU temperature, chassis fan RPMs, etc) which is pretty useful, HOWEVER, it seems the only information available is related to the motherboard. I am unable to display any information related to the AIO itself, i.e.; the RPM of the AIO's fans/pump.

    Is this a HUGE oversight on this cooler, did Asus do this on purpose so you have to keep Armory Crate running 24/7 on your system just to see that information, or am I missing something?!

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