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    Asus Crosshair Extreme x570 - USB Resource Error

    Hi, Im just changing my board from Dark Hero to a Crosshair VIII Extreme. I plugged in all my devices that i had in my dark hero (mostly Corsair controllers) but on this board at a point it tells me i have exceeded USB resources. These are all USB 2.0 devices, and i have an NZXT powered hub connected to one port. All worked fine on the Dark Hero.

    I have been trying for a week to find a solution. Corsair think its a board bandwidth problem but why? Drivers? BIOS? A setting in BIOS? A faulty board?

    Any ideas on addressing this? stressing me out for week!

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    Hi Tones,
    Does it occur on bios 0504 with bios all default settings?
    If you only plugged in Corsair controllers, is it working fine?
    In addition to Corsair controllers, which USB devices you plugged in, and it shows you have exceeded USB resources?
    Thank you.

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