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    Random Computer freezing problem

    I built my own system and Its my first build so be gentle haha. This build has been freezing randomly and once in a while it will restart itself. It does not matter what I am using or doing. I origionally brought the computer to best buy because I didn't have time to fix myself, well that was a waste of my time and money. I did have the system overclocked at one time but i reset the timings.

    They tested (supposedly) my ram and other tests and found nothing. I have been researching this problem for a few months now and can't seem to find the solution.

    I have tried memtest, reinstalling windows, updating drivers, nothing seems to work and i need to fix it its driving me crazy.

    My build is as follows:

    Asus MoBo- m4a78t-e
    Amd phenom II x4 955 3.2 ghz processor
    Radeon HD 4350 Ati vid card
    Seagate 1 tb hard drive
    4 gb Mushkin Enhanced Memory (2x2gb) blackline 996657, pc3 12800 timing-7-7-7-20 1.89-1.95 v

    I checked lists for compatability when I built the machine so it should all be fine.
    Thanks in advance for any imformation.

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    What kind of power supply? Dirty power can cause all sorts of weird problems.
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