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    Because cable is a shared system it requires balancing. If they recently changed things in your neighborhood it might have resulted in your signal being too weak/strong/noisy even if nothing changed at your house. If it was on the edge of viability previously that could have pushed your connection over the edge. Theoretically they should have checked the levels and SNR after they ran the new line so you should now be good up to that point.

    Before you pay someone to install cabling you may want to just see how things go. Ideally yes you only want to have a single split with the modem on one side and all the TVs on the other but it can still work the way you have it. The problem is if the cabling and splitters were installed many years ago they were not tested for use with newer DOCSIS version modems pushing higher speeds. So if you still have problems I would start by trying to move the modem to a single split. Then try replacing the splitter (they can go bad).

    I'm surprised the company didn't offer to schedule one of their own installers. You are responsible for premises wiring but usually they are more than happy to charge you extra to do the work. Most of the installers are just sub-contractors anyway so I suppose if you could find the name of one of those companies you might be able to Google a number and call them directly.
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