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    R4E PCH Temperature

    Hello fellow PC enthusiasts,
    I am creating this thread because after searching the forums I did not find anything on this matter.
    My system specs are in my signature for your reference.

    Today, I played many games of Tribes Ascend and after a while, I decided to take a break.
    So, I quit the game and as soon as i was on my main desktop screen, ROG Probe II alerted me there was an abnormality occurred.
    The PCH (Platform Controller Hub) has reached 60C which is where the threshold is set at. Unfortunately, I do not have the knowledge to what the PCH does. But I did find out that when I turned my H100 to full power fan speed (Level 3 - All Lights are on), the PCH did not reach the threshold a second time while playing Tribes Ascend. Also, the CPU did run much cooler too. The first time I got the warning, my H100 was set to Level 2.

    I would be grateful if anyone would fill me in with some innovative ideas to prevent the PCH from reaching the threshold and/or whether 60C threshold is too little if I play heavy games.

    Thank you

    Dongkyu Lee

    *Edit: I played on my desktop.

    *Edit: At H100 Level 2, the PCH temperature was alternating between 59-60C.

    *Edit: At H100 Level 3, the PCH temperature was constant at 53C.

    *Edit: At H100 Level 3 the PCH is idle at 42C.
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