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    z690 Apex with Samsung DDR5 Memory Issues?


    I have a new build put together and the memory is giving me all sorts of issues. I have seen a few people saying that the Apex board might have some dim slot issues but not sure if that is actually an issue. I snagged up a 6000mhz CL36 G Skill kit and tried pairing with my apex board and 12900k. Everything is on a custom water loop with fairly solid temps. I am on the latest bios. I recognize the Samsung flavor of sticks are not officially supported by the Apex board yet, but am curious as to why (per the QVL). The hero board has mine listed already but the apex list seems light. I tried the XMP profile and have had very little luck. I have been able to get it to boot into windows but typically crashes on any heavy workload and sometimes even just being in windows things lock up.

    I am just curious if this is something I need a bios update for and just have to wait or I should look at going after different memory. Part of why I got the apex was to finally play around with memory overclocking but not even being able to run xmp kind of sucks. Just surprised that the apex board has so little support for memory so far.

    Any thoughts?

    I appreciate any help and sorry if this is covered elsewhere.

    PC Components:

    12900k (stock for now until I get memory sorted)
    z690 Apex
    G Skill F5-6000U3636E16GX2-TZ5K (32gb)
    EVGA 3090 Kingpin Hydrocopper
    EVGA 1300W G2 PSU
    Corsair 5000d
    2x360mm radiators
    Windows 11

    Edit: I have also tried the built in profiles on the apex, like all of them and none of those seem to work even speeds down to like 5200mhz, wouldn't boot into windows on those. I also tried the XMP and bumped voltage luck really.
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