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    GL502VS - Storage Upgrade 4TB SSD

    So my 6+ years hdd finally getting tired and shows errors saying to backup and replace it soon. I went big and got a*Samsung 870 QVO Series MZ-77Q4T0BW 4TB SATA III SSD. The OS is untouched and installed on the existing 512GB NVMe ssd. I’ve disconnected the old HDD and plugged in the new SSD in it's place (SATA). When trying to boot, the screen is stuck on the ROG logo, there's no way to access BIOS or do anything. I tried different things: *format and allocation of the ssd on a different computer - still stuck. Migrating NVMe data onto ssd and disconnecting NVMe, still stuck. I've disabled different options in BIOS like SMART/security boot etc... Didn't work. I really tired anything I could think of. Is it possible that this SSD is unsupported on this laptop?
    Any suggestions would be welcome ������*
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