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    Maximus Extreme XI ME FW

    Ive been having this issue for awhile, Just started digging recently because of the windows 11 changes.

    I DONT have a tpm/ptt option in my pch-fw section in the bios, and i think it might be related to the ME FW showing

    is this likely why the tpm settings arnt showing?

    Ive only ever used the first bios, and never tried bios switching, but would switching to the second bios solve this issue potentially?

    or is there anything I can do to fix this ME FW on the current bios? I am about 6 months out of warranty sadly, so an RMA isnt possible without cost to me.

    any help is appreciated.

    i was previously on bios 1802 for the last 2 or so years. but updated to 2004 tonight hoping to fix the TPM issue before i seen the ME FW issues.

    i updated everything else i possibly could recently/tonight, the only thing i cant install is the chipset drivers/intel ME. also on the most up to date stable windows 10 build. OS build: 19043.1526 21h1

    trying to install chipset drivers/ME engine gives platform not supported, and errors 20 and 620.

    Error 20: Cannot locate ME device.

    Error 620: Unknown hardware platform.

    intel 9900k
    maximus extreme xi
    1080ti ftw3
    and 64gb of corsair dominator RAM
    all watercooled, incase you need specs.

    if you need any more info please ask, ill update with what i can.
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