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    ROG RYUO 240: "Sloshing / Splashing" sound when I shake the radiator.

    Hello!, I'd like to know if any expert can help me to solve some doubts:
    1.- I'm running a system with an I9-9900k, the system idles at 32-35C°, when doing some tests (AIDA64 stress test) it reaches up to 72 (CPU) and up to 85 (CPU package), are those normal temps? (stock CPU

    2.- yesterday when cleaning my system, I unmounted the whole RYUO and I shaked it a bit for curiosity, and I could hear an splashing sound from the radiator (ofc is the liquid) is this normal?, or my AIO is diyng?, (it has been running for 2 1/2 years)

    if so, this AIO needs to be refilled?, or I'm maybe suffering from liquid evaporation?

    If someone can share their experience with me, would be much appreciated.

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