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    How to disable memory slots in Z690 hero bios

    From the sticked ROG Z690 Overclocking Info[6815].pdf file,
    there are some descriptions as below,

    MC0 D0 (Memory Controller 0, DIMM 0): Slot 1
    MC0 D1 (Memory Controller 0, DIMM 1): Slot 2
    MC1 D0 (Memory Controller DIMM 0): Slot 3
    MC1 D0 (Memory Controller DIMM 1): Slot 4

    But for example, 2x16Gb RAM was put in Slot 2& 4,
    If disable Slot1&3, the 2 dimm can be see from windows, but it only has a capacity for 16GB.

    Is this a wrong description in the sticked pdf file, or a bug in BIOS ?
    Anyway, what is the correct way to disable Slots as wanted ?


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