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    Unhappy Strix G15 Advantage Edition: No contact from Asus


    I have been having a huge issue with my Rog Strix G15 Advantage Edition, G513QY, and have had to send it to Asus twice at this point. I’m unsure of the actual status of the laptop as of 2/23/22, as I have not heard from Asus in weeks! I wanted to provide a full time line and see if we can get this straightened out.

    December 4, 2021: RMA has been issued(I didn’t provide the number yet as I do not know if anyone can use that for anything malicious). I had contacted Asus because when the MyAsus software installed a bios update, it asked me to restart the computer. I restarted, and it went into the bios menu/settings, and started the update. The update failed to install, the laptop completely froze, I took a quick picture and a little while later, the screen turned off. The fans were not on, the only thing that worked were the led lights.

    December 13, 2021: FedEx Delivered the package.

    December 14th, 2021: Asus sent confirmation email they received it and are doing a diagnostic testing.

    December 17th, 2021: Asus claims there is signs of damage. They provided pictures which do not match the pictures I took previous to sending to Asus. There is a large dent as if the AC adapter was dropped on the laptop. There are also numerous small scratches on the screen; maybe from the cloth I used to finally clean the laptop, it was quite dirty, sorry). I had options: Pay for a new screen/display, have the laptop sent back to me, or make a claim with the shipper. When you see scratches and a dent on separate sides, I don’t think the shipper can possibly do that damage, so I opted to paying for a new screen($450.84).

    December 24, 2021: Asus confirms package has been shipped.

    December 28, 2021: FedEx Delivered the package to my house.

    I was away for nearly a full week, so I did not get to using the laptop until around January 8-9th.

    January 10th, 2022: RMA has been issued. The new screen has backlight bleeding around the edges. I just paid for a new screen, so this should not be an issue. Also, after installing new drivers and installing one of the videogames I play(Rocket League), I launch the game to test it out. Previous to sending it to Asus, the laptop was able to play at over 300fps. For a 300hz screen, that’s awesome! On this attempt, the in-game fps was set to 30. I raised it to 300fps, the laptop immediately shuts off. On a second attempt, I set it to 60. The game works fine, so I raise it to 144; laptop immediately shuts down.
    So now, not only does the new screen have backlight bleeding, but I also am unable to use the laptop to it’s full potential(or any potential, over 60fps).

    January 13th, 2022: Asus confirms they received the package.

    January 18th, 2022: Asus sends an email stating they found no issue. They also send a link for me that allows me to reiterate the issues, tell them whether or not I’d like to be contacted to discuss it, and a quick signature. Obviously, I sent this in as soon as I got it!

    I have received absolutely no feedback, contact, phone calls or emails from Asus since that day. I am In total darkness with my $1649 + $450 laptop. I have sent an email to Asus, I have chatted with two support agents, who both said my case was escalated. I have tried calling, but when I select the correct department, it doesn’t even transfer me correctly. The phone line is silent and I do not get a person even if I sit there for 5-10 minutes.
    I'm hoping I can get some help to correct my issues, as now I don't believe the laptop will ever be functioning properly, which means I also feel I'm losing $2000+ :-(
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    The included pictures, in order, show the bios update failing picture, laptop led lights on but screen no longer working, pictures of my laptop before I sent it in(and yes the laptop was filthy, I think the scratches on the screen were from a microfiber rag I cleaned it with before I sent it in), pictures of the damage Asus claims, and then a final picture with one of two current issues: backlight bleeding on the new screen.

    Please help!

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