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    Another dead g73

    My G73JH-A1 died today, and I think it is either the mb or video, possibly power connection, and was hoping to see what you guys thought. With the battery in and the power supply plugged in, the green battery light is on. When I try to turn it on, the blue light bulb to the left of the battery light turns on for about a quarter of a second, as does the blue led under the monitor, then both the blue light bulb and the green battery light go off for about 3 seconds, after which the green battery light will come back on. Nothing else comes on when I press the power button, like the numpad light or keyboard lights, nothing. Screen does not flicker, no hd spin up. I have pulled the battery, held the power button for 45 seconds, pressed the hard reset button, doesn't change. Do these symptoms confirm a diagnosis?
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