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    I get almost half of the volume compared to Armoury 2- Rog Delta vs Delta S

    I just changed my headset from Asus Rog Delta to Asus Rog Delta S recently. Delta S doesn't compatible with Armoury 2 software, so i did the same EQ options from Armory Crate for Delta S model. However, I get almost half of the volume compared to Armoury 2. Also, I had the same problem with my previous headset. Are you going to make a version of Armoury 2 for ROG Delta S? Or, can you please fix the Armory Crate.

    asusrogdelta.nsx ( Armoury 2 ) EQ best Settings Delta

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <kNhSet_HpVirtualSurroundState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_ReverbState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_ReverbFilterId Value="0" />
    <kNhSet_ReverbGain Value="21" />
    <kNhSet_EQState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_EQId Value="6" />
    <kNhSet_EQ31HzGain Value="65" />
    <kNhSet_EQ62HzGain Value="54" />
    <kNhSet_EQ125HzGain Value="43" />
    <kNhSet_EQ250HzGain Value="37" />
    <kNhSet_EQ500HzGain Value="19" />
    <kNhSet_EQ1kHzGain Value="41" />
    <kNhSet_EQ2kHzGain Value="49" />
    <kNhSet_EQ4kHzGain Value="52" />
    <kNhSet_EQ8kHzGain Value="71" />
    <kNhSet_EQ16kHzGain Value="57" />
    <kNhSet_BassBoostState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_BassBoostGain Value="45" />
    <kNhSet_CompressorState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_CompressorLevel Value="21" />
    <kNhSet_ClarityState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_ClarityVoiceGain Value="18" />
    <kNhSet_NoiceGateState Value="0" />
    <kNhSet_NoiceGateGain Value="0" />
    <kNhSet_NoiseReductionState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_NoiseReductionGain Value="96" />

    Armoury Crate Asus Rog Delta S ineffective.

    Pls Submit Special EQ Settings for Delta S

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