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    Asus Rampage V Extreme M.2 Drive Support Options "What to buy"

    I really need to upgrade my storage and I know this board is finicky with M.2 drives.

    Anyone know which are the best choices? I was leaning towards Samsung / WD as I want to get 4TB minimum.

    Has anyone tried any of the 4th Generation drives? I know this board wont be able to take advantage of it, but this way I am future proofing when I upgrade (whenever that is).

    I currently have
    3 850 PRO 2TB SSD
    4 WD 12TB SATA drives

    I was looking at the:
    WD Black SN750 4tb NVME or the SN850 $369

    The other option was the 980 PRO 2TB which is $150 off at $279

    Q] I was curious if this board could handle it with the heatsink

    Love any input of those who have tried newer m.2 drives, I had a 850 Pro Fail so this is a total Mind F**K and need a new one.

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