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    Asus g513qy (G15 AE)- Freezing when gaming and playing videos on youtube

    I had ordered Asus G15 AE and had a weird issue that when I played games and played something on youtube at the same time my laptop would suddenly stop playing music, and any window I had open would eventually freeze after interacting with the window.

    This is the G513QY with the 5900x cpu with the AMD 6800M gpu.
    This is the 2nd Asus G15 Advantage Edition this has happened.
    I have attempted a few things:
    AMD Clean up tool
    Reinstalled latest provided driver.
    Reinstalled 1 version previous from
    Tried driver

    Updated vBIOS per

    I even disabled window's device driver installation so windows update would not change the driver. The problem persists.

    I would really prefer not to have to return the laptop because quite frankly the laptop's performance and battery life are exactly what I am looking for.

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    Sorry to miss your post . Did you change spec like SSD or RAM? It sounds like compatibility issue.

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