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    ROG STRIG G15 Advantage Edition - Fan Noise


    please help me to shut up this laptop.
    SInce a few weeks the Laptop gets noiser by each day.

    No matter if I use the silent profie, Windows or Custom profile with all the sliders for power delivery to the minimum.
    This thing just spins the fans.

    It constantly shows over 70°C, even the air coming out of the laptop is not even a touch warmer then room temperature.
    I got no applications (Except for ASUS delivered software and radeon software) in Autostart - Literally nothing else.

    Right now the laptop is spinning the fans again. The CPU usage is at 4% and GPU at 4% as well.
    The only times it gets a little quiter is on battery mode, but the battery run time is way lower than few months ago.

    I am totally out of ideas.
    There is nothing on this machine running that would push system usage to these temps.
    I guess the temp readings are bad.
    Just noticed that even in BIOS the CPU should sit at over 90°C.
    Something does not seem right here.

    All drivers are on the latest update.
    Using WIN10

    What can I do?
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