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    Apex overclocking Issues


    I have a 2021 batch Apex that I've been having issues with support wise in regard to it being not able to run anything over 5800Mhz memory speed. I have QVL approved memory that is 6400Mhz rated Team force flavor. I have purchased 3 different CPU's and three different memory kits to try to alleviate these issues to no avail so far. I started seeing issues mentioned like the ones I'm having online after starting to dig into the issue myself which is time consuming as you could imagine. Here's a buildzoid video, well renowned reviewer complaining of the same issues.

    I also started noticing that Asus employees like @safedisk were sending " certain " people online, Engineering Samples of the motherboard
    " Apex " handpicked that could magically do 7000+ Mhz memory speed that were happening to have the same issues at the time people started noticing these issues similar to mine, I'm sure some of these people just reached out to Asus directly instead of posting online about it first but, some customers / people of the community have posted online first not being Normals to Asus's special people community yet.

    I opened up a rma in regard to my motherboard about the same time I started noticing this to get it replaced as have others in my shoes with this motherboard. I've been getting attacked online by certain users quiet viciously about these issues recently. Mostly by people who seem to have been sent nice new free ES motherboards. Has anyone else noticed this peculiar behavior?

    I right now as it stands have been offered a full refund for the motherboard but, have asked instead that it be fixed / replaced. I have yet to hear anything back about the replacement / fix for it today and figured I'd start asking on here if anyone else has had similar experience with this motherboard as of recently?

    Thank you for your opinions / contribution to this inquiry.

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