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    ROG QI products not working and Chakram not charging?

    I have the Balteus and Throne Qi that were working up until 2 hours ago and while the LEDs work kind of- Armoury has been acting screwy and locking up my RGB as if it keeps loosing and re-discovering new devices but Qi charging is disengaged on both items. I also have a Chakram that was getting low on battery and is just stuck on 25% as well despite being connected via usb for about 2 hours. Is this just Armoury Crate being on the fritz or what? When I reset my PC it also seemed like fan controls were off as they were blasting pretty high and Ryujin 2 displayed temps about 15 degrees hotter than normal for about 20 minutes before stabilizing.
    I do see a new update for the Throne only but go figure, it will not take and fails.

    Everything in my system except for the case fans and case are ASUS and all on update and Armoury is

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    Have you aligned Qi properly? Need to be fairly accurate. The charging pad on the Chakram is where the label is below the sensor. Also charge via the USB 3.0 port, 900 mA is faster (500 mA for USB 2.0). The software should not cause charging issues.

    Please update Armoury Crate to V5.1.5.0 and report the issue if there are software issues.

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