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    PC (ASUS ROG STRIX G17, AMD RYZEN 5900 HX with NVIDIA RTX 3070, 16 GB RAM)not working


    I have serious problems with my PC (characteristics specified in title).
    Symptoms: Games crashing (I have isolated the cause, the processor graphics card/driver is not willing to cooperate with the rest of the PC, therefore I isolated it from the system by telling every app not to use the processor graphics card), audio periodically not working (the volume isn't set to mute nor is it connected to another loudspeaker, the output device(s) are currently the integrated loudspeakers), computer blocking on trivial things (MS word, opening mail, any browser, Viber (I am not overloading it by the way)) and occasional black screens (I am not accidentally turning the screen off nor do I blink in a way that the screen (and anything else) seems black).

    The PC is brand new, three weeks old by the time this message is written, and there were no transportation issues nor did I try to destroy/damage it on purpose and I am taking as much care of it as I can.

    @administrators @ASUSsupport @anyone please help me, do I send it back to repairs only to hear everything is okay or do I ask for moneyback, because I am not too sure how to repair it.

    I appreciate any kind of help in advance and I am looking forward to hearing your responses/suggestions

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