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    Impressions of the new laptop Rog zephyrus duo 16

    I just want to share my feedback about Rog Zephyrus Duo 16 Gx650

    Rtx 3080 ti (16 gb)

    First of all while playing just simple game (Apex Legends ) laptop heat became 88 C - 90 C and Fps drop game not play at all . 4k 120 hz and 240 hz tried same result. (Turbo mode used) .

    Second , when you change the screen 240 HZ dual screen It does not remain stable, there is a shift in the graphics, the resolution becomes blurred. You have to adjust the screen manually.

    Third, if you want to play game you have to feed beast with charger Otherwise, performance cannot be obtained in games.

    Fourth,The fans are extremely loud. (Turbo Mode 5000- 6000 RPM ) Headphones are required when playing games in turbo mode.

    Fifth, 2 fans are definitely not enough for such a machine.

    Sixth,When clicking the internet, battery, sound section in the lower right corner and selecting a different language on the keyboard, the machine freezes for 3 seconds.
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