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    Custom Fan curves for TuF Model laptops.

    I have asked about this before but hell, I ask again.

    Can we please have to option to make our own fan curves and basically an ambient fan in any mode on the laptop?

    There are several other laptops that allow this either in a software suite or enabled in BIOS at varying levels. I do not see why the only way to get ambient fans is to run my machine on mains in turbo mode. If I'm doing light gaming or using older titles I have absolutely no need to be running on turbo, I do so purely for ambient fans to keep my A15 cooler. This should not be a RoG thing only, it's a simple quality of life setting. The legion 5 get great temps with ambient fans on compared to a stock A15. All it takes is fan control and a little elevation and it can idle in the 30s and 40s instead of sat around 50/60c with fans going on and off. It's a really poor software implementation.

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