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    Quote Originally Posted by STARRAIN@ROG View Post
    Hi MonstyB,
    Do you have freezing issue at idle or only during boot?
    Do you have the issue on bios 1603 with bios all default settings?
    If you disable C-states in bios, does the freezing issue disappear?
    May I have the serial number of your motherboard via PM?
    Thank you.
    Freezing mainly occurred at the beginning of boot process, when the windows loading spinner starts spinning.

    I also had a freeze during shutdown, when I clicked "reboot" in windows. Windows tried to log me off but it froze instantly.

    I'm gonna test with C states disabled (what about speedstep ?)

    Everything was set to default in BIOS except RAM profile that is set to XMP (Corsair Vengeance 5600 CL36)

    I will send you my motherboard's S/N in PM in a few minutes and keep this post updated with my results.

    Thanks !

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