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    G74sx-bbk8 cooling upgrade

    Hey guys, iv'e got a quick question today.
    about 5 months ago I purchased the g74sx-bbk8, and i noticed that whenever i play a game for a few hours, the number pad and the space next to the number pad get pretty hot. so im wondering if there is a relatively easy way to upgrade the cooling system.(i.e more efficient fans)
    Thank You!

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    The G74 already has one of the best laptop cooling systems available. It's remarkable how well it cools without the traditional bottom vents. Cooling systems are generally designed for a specific motherboard/chassis configuration.....the parts aren't universal or inbterchangeable. Even if you could get more efficient fans, which I don't believe you can, they would only use a little less power, not cool the GPU any better. (That's what's under the area you're talking about.)

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    When my G74 is parked at its station, I lean a 120mm fan against the back exhaust vents, pointing up at an angle, and run it with an old power supply I raided from a desktop. The fan blows up and away from the vents, and aids the G74's cooling system at expelling hot air...its drops my CPU/GPU temps by 2-4 degrees.
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