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    Annoying cracking

    From time to time I experience annoying cracking sounds. Either in games, or watching youtube, it is the same sound! It sounds like rustling (a microphone bug, when you quickly move it, or breath inside, or when it loses connection - that sound, dunno how it calls exactly)... Imagine I have z390-i gaming, it has bigass EMI shield that you can't connect more than RTX 1060 "on a expensive motherboard which has in the name - gaming"... Yet I read sound cards isn't protected from EMI............... Enabling VRM spreadspectrum doesn't do anything... Is this normal??? I have pretty poor opinion of ASUS motherboards, I knew 500$ ones suffer from DPC latency issues. Mine is perfect on DPC it is only reason I went with ASUS on this one... But I won't be buying ASUS motherboards, because it seems like quality issues... Cracking sounds in 2019??? It is happening since I got it, but now more, but not in all applications, it is confusing. Although in HTML 5 games it happens all the time, again strange! It is not likely not a software bug, as I tried different drivers, OS install since I got this computer...

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