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    Question Adding third display to GL553VD via USB not working

    I am trying to add another display since the HDMI port is already taken. I already established via threads on this forum that the USB-C of the GL553VD is of no use since it can only transfer data, no display capabilties. So my focus went to the USB-A ports. Since it has USB 3.0 ports, I asummed it should be possible to connect another display via an USB-A to VGA/HDMI adapter. I got one, but unfortunately it does not work. It detects its plugged in but the screen will simply receive no signal.

    I confirmed the adapter itself works, I tried it on a ThinkPad in a USB-A 3.0 port and this worked fine.
    Is display capability simply not possible via the USB ports on this ROG model? Should I give up on that? Or is there any other trouble shooting I can try?
    I already tried reinstalling the display drivers, restarting, trying with other USB and HDMI ports unplugged, extending with START+P and detecting in display options.

    My GL553VD is a i7-7700HQ / 16GB RAM / GTX1050

    Thank you very much for your time and support.

    EDIT 8:04PM:
    I figured it out!

    In case someone in the future bumps into this: Mine wasn't working properly because my device has 2 GPUs, it had trouble with that. Setting the driver's default GPU to integrated in Display>Graphics did the trick.

    Keep in mind the solution may depend on your adapter/system.
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