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    Quote Originally Posted by Shauntre View Post
    Cheers. I already ordered new LM and will also reapply the viskose thermal paste.
    I see differences as high as 10C° between my CPU cores.
    Something here is off for sure.

    What is thef ix that you mentioned in regards for the fix i WIN10?

    What i was saying is you need to either open/download AMD Adrenalin software and go to the settings tab. Open it, and go to i think its "power"? Or "overclocking"? I believe from the factory, asus overclocks the cpu by .2ghz, and this ultimately makes your cpu run at 80+ Celsius with no load. I disabled the overclock and my temps have returned to normal.

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    Also when plugged in i noticed that my power profile only allowed the CPU to clock down to 80%, I changed it to 5% which helped alot on my idle temps.

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