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    ASUS Proart z690-creator wifi undervolting BIOS settings

    Hi, i am trying to undervolt my i7-12700k on asus proart z690-creator wifi motheboard. Recently i swapped my MSI Z690 motherboard because i needed thunderbolt ports. On MSI undervolting was easy, even on ROG or TUF motherboards, but this ProArt, I am really confused. They are using totally different naming scheme. There is no CPU Core/Cache Voltage switch to adaptive, there is no Offset mode Sign or Offset Voltage settings

    I am just trying to set CPU Core/Cache Voltage to offset mode, set CPU voltage to 1.290, offset mode to - (negative) and CPU core voltage offset to 0.130
    With this values on my MSI motherboard i ran CPU almost 10°C cooler.

    So is there anyone who could help me with undervolting settings on this particular motherboard?
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