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    3070 TI Strix Red Light

    Hello. I purchased a 3070 TI Strix last year. The problem was the red light was blinking which I found out it means there isn't enough power. So, I took out my 650W PSU which was actually pretty bad and cheap and I bought a new one, a 850W XPG Core Reactor which is a good PSU, tier A on Johnny Guru's list. The red light went away, all good. But now after so many months it started to blink again. What's wrong ? Obviously it's not a PSU thing anymore, I could power 3 3070ti's with 850W. And just like a side thing, the middle fan was making some noises from day 1, after 3-4 months it stopped spinning at all sometimes, sometimes it comes back to life and spins, sometimes it works ok but when the fan speed is low it makes very bad noises and the spin can be seen that it's not normal. I can upload a video if needed. Thank you.

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