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    Question Sudden thermal issues -> mobo replacement | ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 (GU603ZX-K8001W)

    Hi everyone,

    I received my M16 on 20/04/2022 - was super-impressed with its overall performance / display / build-quality.

    Then, one day, out of the blue, thermals started to 'spike' into limits (GPU on 86c after a couple mins of runtime), constantly throttling the GPU to 700-800 Mhz.
    I tried various profiles / drivers / re-installed the OS / rolled-back the orig. OEM-image - but to no avail.

    After further testing (making sure it wouldn't be Software-related), I created an RMA-case with ASUS and shipped the device to one of their service-centers.

    Got it back yesterday and everything is fine / back to normal - temps (GPU) stay below 86c even when running benchmarks etc. / performance is great!
    The service-report states that the motherboard has been replaced...

    I guess my question would be (mainly out of 'tech-interest'): what's the possible cause for sudden thermal-issues?
    The Notebook never experienced any shocks / movements etc. (it's been sitting on my desk throughout the month).

    I did NOT tamper / manipulate / OC anything, never exposed it to harsh conditions (humidity / sunlight etc.)...

    Of course, I've been using it for video-edits / gaming etc. - but I guess that's what it's been designed for in the first place, right?

    Could it be a faulty A/C-adaptor (board short-circuit etc.)?

    I really hope this won't happen again as it's simply the best 'all-around-Notebook' I've ever owned - provided it's working to specs ;-)

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