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    Arrow z390MPlus Prime - 9700F - BIOS



    i' search help to understand how to make a profile that enables the maximum perf out of my hardware :

    z390-M-Plus Prime ASUS
    i7-9700F (65w)
    2*16go LPX 2666

    Those are the profiles i made for different usage... only remains the n°2 to be to polished (i think)...
    1 - Everyday = for every days use (no VM)
    2 - Gameplay = only to play high end PC video games (no VM)
    3 - AspmVM = full-ASPM no-Turbo S.m.a.r.t (with VM) - enough for 2d games, most are point'n click
    4 - VMEveryday = for every days use (with VM)

    EDIT (sorry, i forgot to write the settings i talk about (now only two intrigue me) :
    I see only four easy settings i can switch around to unlock the full power of this F family processor, i made different logs with :
    HWMonitor while using
    PowerMax (5min).

    I see x8 anx11 multiplier in logs depending on settings combinations, but also CPU higher frequencies. RPM and TEMPs too, accordingly.

    Also, i don't know why, TPM gets automatically reenabled... can it be related with new v3006 bios update for Win11 (i use and will ever Win10) ?
    About Resize BAR, should i set it to auto ?

    It's a verry advanced BIOS to me, i'm kind of lost.
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