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    x570 ROG strix warranty

    Hi, I'm from Spain and I seem to be in a disagreement about the extra year of limited warranty on my ROG strix x570 board.

    I described the issue here:

    As explained in the post above, the solder on the m2 header seems to be faulty (I assume it came that way, it just didn't manifest until I physically removed the drive).

    From that point onwards, the motherboard just gave the error code 00 (not used according to manual), with a blinking orange led light.

    The issue comes from the fact they want to charge me for the repair as it wouldn't be covered (if I send it), plus shipping... with no guarantees of fixing it.

    I mostly buy asus hardware and never had problems (sabertooth z77 still alive after like 10 years), but this issue is evidently a manufacturing problem as the solder doesn't look broken but rather smooth... just not there in some pins.

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    Hi blitzcloud,
    For no boot issue, have you tested with minimal components?
    Please refer to the following links.
    May I have the serial number and RMA number via PM?
    Thank you.

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