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    G53S Typing Problem?

    I have a friggin' issue with my laptop.

    Short Story

    When typing sentences in a word document or even here in this post box, at random times the cursor will jump. Sometimes it will jump two lines up, or if it has nowhere else to go, it'll jump back somewhere in the middle of the sentence I'm typing.

    Regular Sentence: The dog ran across the yard.
    What Happens to Me: The n across the ra

    I re-installed the ATK package and it didn't help. So frustrating!! Any advice?

    Long Story

    A couple months ago, I noticed some memory issues and then blue screens kept popping up. I handed my laptop over to a computer whiz friend-of-a-friend, who ultimately discovered that it had a faulty memory chip. Basically he did all the footwork for me; he backed everything up and called Asus, mailed it to them, etc.

    When I got my laptop back, it was like they replaced my entire OS. It was in Windows Classic so everything looked ancient, the default text was SUPER small and I had to fiddle with the computer's font size to get it normal looking. There was another annoyance (which is ongoing) where my picture tiles won't show the tiny preview of the pic, just the default tile image. Basically I don't know what picture is what without opening the file and viewing it directly.

    Still, I was just happy to have my new memory chip and my laptop was working just fine in every other aspect. I did notice the backlight wouldn't come on, which is an issue I had before but was able to fix by re-installing the ATK Package. I don't use the backlight often so I didn't worry about it at the time.

    I can't remember if it was directly after all this or a couple weeks after, but basically I have the above described problem with the cursor. It is insanely annoying and makes it impossible for me to write even the most basic of paragraphs without screwing up.

    I don't think it's a mouse issue since the mouse never moves, only the line cursor in word programs. It seems to have something to do with a certain key I'm hitting but I haven't been able to find anything conclusive.

    So basically...

    I am at my wit's end. I have gone through so much frustration with this laptop that I haven't even had for a year yet. I love it so much and it plays my games beautifully, but GODF@$^%ING D$#^ IT, I'm ready to throw it off a cliff. Someone help???

    P.S. Sorry for the whining, just quit smoking and this laptop BS couldn't have come at a worst time financially...

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    I have exactly the same problem here, and I know that it isn't a ATK driver issue, the problem occurs on LINUX as well as Windows. Like you said, the cursor will jump around, almost of its own accord. I am wondering what would trigger the issue, as it crops up randomly. For a while, I thought that it was my palm brushing the trackpad, but I have disabled tap-to-click on my trackpad, and the problem remains.

    @Marshall, is there anything you think might be going on?

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    So I have the UX50V and have the same exact problems. I also have an updating problem, it updates all the time and slows it down.
    But I have heard that uninstalling the synaptics mouse driver fixes this problem, i have not tried yet but will let you know.

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