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    XG17AHPE portable monitor fixes/improvements

    The panel itself is really good, best competitive gaming monitor I've used that isn't a CRT.

    However everything around it needs some work IMO, in no particular order, this is what I hope to see from the next revision, also hopefully you guys offer some limited trade in option just for us loyal customers, you don't even need to change the panel going forward IMO unless there's a cheap OLED with the same specs.

    Even if it becomes a little bigger from some changes it's totally worth it, it really don't need to be as small as it for my uses at least.

    I live in a van, so it's generally been a god send.

    Here goes:

    VESA! Oh my god just gimme a built in Vesa mount in addition to the camera thread. I have a giant 3D printer so I'll be making my own case/vesa adapter eventually, but for everyone else it would help so much.

    Port/Cable durability:
    I don't think many people have confidence in micro HDMI's durability, in addition sometimes it's not seated properly or fully, and it randomly gives me a black screen for a few frames. What it could really use is full sized HDMI, but if that's not an option you guys should develop your own magnetic cables, I couldn't find one online for micro HDMI, but in case of a bump or hit a magnetic cable will save the whole display(also longer cables TY 2M) less RMA and more reliable.

    Also can display port be added? My GPU only has 1 HDMI output, or someone might want to keep a console + PC connected to it, also provides a back up, although it does have the USB input as well.

    There should be a dedicated switch to shut off the device, in addition there should be an option to bypass the battery to preserve it's life so it runs only off wall power, my keychron keyboard has that option for example. I've noticed it cycling on/off if I don't shut it down before disconnected it from the source.

    For repairable/servicing would it be possible to get a modular battery that just pops out from a back cover? Or slides in from the side? Gives the device a longer life in general, even if the base of the unit has to have a bump or squared section at the bottom for additional ports/electronics, I don't think it's a big deal if it adds functionality. Since it's already so small. Or in a very rare case someone might want to quick swap batteries.

    Also it seems like it could readily be turned into a device like a nexdock with a few additional screws on the bottom to mount a bottom plate/keyboard. Not sure how many people need such a thing, but it shouldn't cost too much since half of the product is there?


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