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    Exclamation Need help with an AXE16000 and an AX11000 as a repeater

    Ok this is making me crazy. *I tried adding the 11000 as a mesh node and it keeps dropping and only uses 2.4g as a backhaul, so I set up the 11000 as a repeater, connecting to 5G1 on the 16000.
    When the 11000 connects, it knocks down the 16000 and when it (the 16000) comes back up the 5G1 channel is set to control channel 0 and the SSID isn’t visible nor can you connect to it manually. If I then reboot the 16000 then reboot the 11000 I can sometimes get them to connect for a while, but randomly the 16000 will drop everything and reset the 5G1 to channel 0 and it cannot be changed, and I have to systematically reboot everything again.
    *I have an AC88U set as a repeater on the 2,4g band it stays locked and reconnects if the 16000 reboots, but the 11000 will not and must be manually rebooted any time the 16000 drops.
    I’ve tried:
    - upgrading all the firmware
    - switching the 11000 to Merlin firmware
    - using 5G2 as backhaul (same deal, resets and takes down the channel, resetting it to control channel 0)
    *- disabling AX, disabling 160MHz, disabling Wi-Fi agile connect, manually setting control channels, etc.

    It feels like the 16000 recognizes the repeater and is trying to reserve the 5G1 channel as a dedicated backhaul, but it doesn’t do this consistently and when it does do this (resets and puts the 5g1 to control 0)nothing including the repeater can connect to the channel.*

    Reading online it sounds like a hardware issue, but since it’s mainly acting up when another ASUS router connects as a repeater I’m wondering if it’s firmware as the channels seem stable as long as they aren’t connected to an ASUS router.
    I’ve applied for an RMA and while I’m waiting I’m willing to try anything! *Thanks for any ideas. ***
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    Just did a factory reset on the 11000 just in case there was some random setting left over from my messing with Merlin and Aimesh, but it didn’t fix it. *
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