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    Angry Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 bios wont wake monitor and M2 MBR boot issue !?!?

    ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 (latest bios via flashback port)
    Intel Core i9-12900KS
    Team Group 8 Pack Edition DDR4 PC4-28800C16 3600Mhz Dual Channel Kit
    Dell P2715Q 4k monitor with DP to MiniDP cable (supplied)

    Had no end of trouble with this board and bust one when packing to return to the shop so PAID TWICE and well dissapointed (NOW RETURNED BOARDS THREE TIMES).

    ISSUE 1. Switch on, first LED ok, Second ok, Third STAYS BRIGHT WHITE, soon followed by the fourth orange led. You'd think 'no video', yet this happens both with the inbuilt video and my trusty 1080ti card. Yet put the 1080ti back in my old Asus X99-s PC (same monitor and DP to Mini-DP cable) and it works perfectly EVERY TIME.

    I discovered that if I switched the monitor on IMMEDIATELY followed by the PC it works fine !. Hence the motherboard was not sending the wake-up signal via either video port ???. How can this be ?

    ISSUE 2. Once I'd figured out the monitor wake issue I discovered my m2 drive wasnt being displayed as a boot option so the motherboard was booting to bios every time. I tried TWO m2 drives (one a clone) in both the top and lower sockets. The bios sees them and allows controller diags etc but refuses to see them as boot devices even though STILL working perfectly in my Asus X99-s motherboard ??

    Yes no SATA devices connected, yes CSM was enabled by default, yes the drives were formatted MBR not GPT boot sectors yet isn't CSM supposed to deal with that ??

    Drives now updated to GPT and will try again when the motherboard returns from the shop (apparently no fault found yet again)

    Thoughts on both these issues appreciated yet I don't have the board in my hands yet....
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