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    Thumbs up Please stop putting Intel Ethernet cards in Motherboards

    I have multiple computers and the ones that give me the most trouble is the ones with Intel LAN cards

    My brand new Gaming PC that have a B550-E Gaming motherboard, has a Intel® I225-V 2.5Gb Ethernet LAN adapter on the motherboard.

    It has done nothing but causing me trouble ever since i got the computer 6 months ago.

    - When Windows does an automatic update, the LAN card stops working
    - If i dont install a VERY specific driver, doing VERY specific steps, the LAN card doesn't work
    - I've tried updating the firmware but it didn't help
    - The last time Windows "updated" the driver, it just stopped working and i didn't manage to get it to work again.

    I've finally given up, disabled the LAN adaptor in BIOS and have purchased a noname PCI-e Gigabit LAN adapter which worked 100% by itself with Windows standard drivers.

    My other computer is used as a home "server" and test bench.
    It has an Intel i217 Gigabit LAN adapter which has also caused a bit of trouble.
    Specifcally it lacks drivers for Windows Server operating system - but i managed to get around that.
    If i recall correctly it also had some finicky issues in Windows 10, requiring the correct version of the driver to work.

    So why is it that an AMD motherboard has an INTEL LAN adapter instead of Marvell or whatever ?
    Why havent ASUS made their own LAN adapter yet ?
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