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    System Is Unstable After Upgrading TUF Z690 Bios Past 1404

    Hello, my TUF Z690-Plus motherboard has been unstable after upgrading to Bios 1404 and Bios 1504. If I roll back to Bios 1304 I am stable again. All my settings are on Auto / Optimized for each of the Bioses. I noticed this instability in 1404 and hoped 1504 would fix it, but it did not. Both bioses cause crashes in every game I play, which do not occur on 1304 with the exact same settings. I've seen multiple reports on this forum about recent bios instability in 15xx firmware. I wanted to report that TUF Z690-Plus also has issues with 1404 and beyond in terms of stability in games.

    Version 1003: Stable for months
    Version 1304: Stable for months
    Version 1404: Unstable, multiple games crashe after a few minutes
    Version 1504: Unstable, multiple games crashe after a few minutes

    Assuming the user-base on 1404+ is minuscule which is why this issue hasn't been widely reported outside of this forum section.

    My specs: 12700k, 32GB Patriot DDR4-3800 RAM, RTX 3080, Windows 11 (clean install)
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    May be you can share in this forums what are the component used in your system. In short system spec...

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    Hello, If not wanting to tune the system manually it's best to stay on a UEFI build that works best for your CPU sample and memory kit, unless there's desired functionality shown in release notes.

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