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    ROG II calling issues after AT&T 3G Shut Down - Text, 4G Data and VM Normal - NO Call

    ASUS ROG II US Version purchased from B&H Photo
    Stock ROM Android 11

    My ROG II phone can not make or receive phone calls.
    4G data, text and VM normal
    Phone Inbound calls go straight to VM, Outbound calls End immediately.

    Last week I had to get a new Sim card after I was dropped from the network because AT&T said it was a 3G phone.
    They said the same thing about my Motorola Power G phone.

    ASUS phone worked fine for 5 days until yesterday.

    Tech supervisor at AT&T said my ROG II phone's HD Voice may not be compatible with their new system.

    They literally know nothing about these devices.

    Is anyone experiencing these problems with the ROG II on AT&T ? smart wheel
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    Hi market21,
    For ROG phone product, may I direct you to zentalk forum for further discussion?
    Thank you.

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