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    ROG STRIX 2080 ti can't control center fan


    Alright so... I switched the card to quiet bios and sure enough when I boot up the pc the fans don't spin until the temp hits 55 degrees at which point the side fans follow the curve I set and the center fan just goes full speed no matter what curve I set for it. Then when the temp drops below 55 the side fans stop as they should but the center fan keeps going at full pelt until I reset the pc. When I start up in quiet mode and all fans are off I can set the center fan going manually with the fan speed slider but it again goes straight to full speed and then doesn't respond to the slider at all while the side fans respond to their slider exactly as they should.

    I've tried setting a curve with GPU tweak, then unistalled that and tried with MSI and got the same result with both and I also reseated the card but to no avail. GPU tweak also shows the center fan speed as 0 rpm and 0% when it's going full blast. Any ideas please folks?

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